Black and White

When color is stripped from certain photographs, the audience will find themselves in their own conversation with the photograph, without the colors imposing any feelings. This is a collection of my photographs trying to speak to you.

Unlike portraits, sometimes the connection could be established with the emotions through the tones and environment, instead of the expression and eyes.

Trying to enable such connections using photography has always been my passion.
Menekşe beach in Istanbul is one of the most crowded place in summer. Being very close to the city, it floods with people during the how weather. For a period, it was a unorganized sanctuary for Syrian people who migrated to Turkey, running from war. They set up tents around the beach and lived there until a housing was provided to them.

This photograph was taken during the winter when the odd shaped trees lost most of their leaves, bringing out their structure more. Also during the winter, if you visit the beach right after sunrise hour, you can feel the beach's serenity and almost preserving all the people's stories and memories in itself.

Taken on w/ Fuji XPro2 XF10-24mmF4 R OIS lens January 12, 2020 6000x4000 px
Race With Yourself
Sancaklar Mosque, on the edge of Istanbul in Büyükçekmece, has a unique architecture formed by Emre Arolat. Resembling a simple cave, the mosque has a dramatic and awe-inspiring interior for praying and being alone with God. The slits along the qibla wall strengthen the orientation of the prayer area and allow the sun's rays to filter into the interior. As the sun moves in the sky, the architecture fills with shadows and geometry.

Besides the people who come here for prayers, also many people come here just to see the beautiful place.

I took the photograph while I was producing an episode for a tv documentary series, for the main stream tv channel in Turkey, TRT2. Documentary was called "Bir Kare Bir Anlam" (roughly translated: A frame, a concept).

While we were on a break, a kid from one of the visiting families started to run around on the carpet. Remembering my childhood, I could resonate so easily because the space is wide and empty and the carpet on the ground is so soft. So what do you do? Run. While I watched him I positioned myself and clicked the shutter, just to capture his silhouette with the geometric shape of light.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro2 XF10-24mmF4 R OIS lens August 28, 2021 6000x4000 px
Istanbul is a city with 18 million population. Probably one of the most crowded places in the whole world. Faced a huge migration in the 1980s, people came here from rural parts to find jobs. Traffic is like a nightmare at all times of the day, public transportation is hard and worst of all, you certainly should drive 60-70 km to find a place less crowded for relaxing.

On the other side, it is the city I was born and raised in. Most people born here have a different kind of love for the beauties of this town, at least what's left of them. Most of the time the city will make you feel stuck and blocked. The pier in the photograph is in one of the centers of Istanbul, but it had been blocked with the fences by the municipality. I have no idea why. It was like a summary of my feelings about Istanbul. Beautiful but blocked.

Taken on w/ Fuji XPro2 XF10-24mmF4 R OIS lens January 12, 2020 3789x2526 px
The TMO building in Istanbul, has been one of the biggest dry food exchange and transportation places in Turkey, up until 2004, when it was abandoned. With 9 floors and 90 silos going from top floor to the warehouses below the building. Since it was abandoned, it has been a very scary place with broken windows, big deep holes and dark atmosphere. Homeless people used it as shelter in winter and even some dark rituals were held in it.

I took the photograph while I was producing an episode for a tv documentary series, for the main stream tv channel in Turkey, TRT2. Documentary was called "Bir Kare Bir Anlam" (roughly translated: A frame, a concept) and the my episode was about dying. So it was the perfect place, as a building left to die.

The photograph on the floor was broken and our director decided to use it as a prop in the episode. While we were on a break, I turned my head and saw this frame. A member from the crew was watching outside, from the 7th floor we were on, and the picture was placed there to be used.

Taken on August 30, 2021 w/ Fuji XPro2 XF8-16mmF2.8 R LM WR lens
The End Of Tunnel
The problems with huge cities in İstanbul are so many. Preserving the natural beauties we have is the biggest problem according to my opinion.

Şile is one of the closest places with still left natural beauties. It is a small place with fishermen culture by the coast of Black Sea. Unfortunately, with people flooding the town in summer to swim and picnic, the beaches get dirty because they do not get the maintanence they deserve.

The photograph was taken by replacing the camera in an a sewer pipe. So sad to have the pipe so close to a beach with beautiful view.

We must preserve our resources. We must have the necessary responsibilities as people of this society and as municipality. If we do, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Taken on w/ Fuji XPro2 XF10-24mmF4 R OIS lens June 3, 2020 6000x4000 px
Leaving It All Behind
Every second that passes in our life, we are leaving something behind. Whether we like it or not, some seconds make their way up to become memories where some unfortunately do not. Living life to the fullest is all about making more memories as much as possible.

Like the old Turkish saying states, you can not swim in the same water twice. I remembered this saying when I saw this nostalgic clock in the antique market in Kadıköy, İstanbul.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro2 XF8-16mmF2.8 R LM WR lens August 29, 2021 6000x4000 px
Once a friend of mine told me that "If you have not shared your lonely mood with the beach and the sea, something is missing from your life."

At times in our lives, we may look at the same scenary but feel different emotions. Serenity, loneliness, peacefulness and tranquility are so close to each other in that sense, depending on our self motivation.

Speaking from experience, this photograph makes me feel all of them at different times.

Taken on w/ Fuji XPro2 XF10-24mmF4 R OIS lens July 8, 2020 6000x4000 px
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