Galata Blues

As a photographer, I always try to discover the hidden beauty in most ordinary, common and mundane places. I believe aesthetic is always there, waiting to be seen like a hidden gem. Galata Bridge is one of the oldest and most crowded places in Istanbul. Also we would be telling a lie if we said that it is the cleanest place with hygiene. But the dance of the light and geometry is unique. The harmony makes this place an extraordinary tale of silhouettes and shadows in geometry.

This collection aims to explore this harmony in its original color: blue. Last year, I have worked with a talented director, Onur Huseyin Kilinc, in a photography documentary called Bir Kare Bir Anlam, for a main stream Turkish tv channel, TRT2. I have taken part in 3 episodes with my photography so far. 3rd episode, we shot on June 19, 2022, was mostly taken on Galata Bridge. I believe that the combination of light and geometry is very unique here because everytime I come to shoot, I go home with a photograph that I love.
People come in and go out of our lives constantly as we live. Some we forget quickly, some we struggle to get over.
Sometimes when a person is about to walk out of our life, or when we are about to leave, a side of us wants them to stay where the other side tells the other way.
This photograph reminds me of those contradiction.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro-2 XF10-24MMF4 R OIS on March 18 2019
Above The Sea Stars
Changing your perspective and point of view may come in surprises, as it does in real life.
Stars may not always be up in the sky at night, but you may see them in a different place in broad daylight. Shadows may lead the way to brightness.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro-2 XF10-24MMF4 R OIS on March 18, 2019
In Spot
In the afternoon when the sun begins to descend, shapes start to form around the stairs of the bridge. As seen in the photography, the lighted area does not stay in that shape for long. If you are lucky, you can capture a single person, preferably wearing black in that very spot with a minimalistic approach.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro-2 XF8-16MMF2.8 R LM WR on March 17 2019
The Reach
At times, Galata Bridge is flooded with tourists and locals. This may be hard times to find a photograph with minimalistic style but if you watch closely and adjust your frame, you can find a scene where people’s gestures and movement can combine in different variations with the light and geometry.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro-2 XF10-24MMF4 R OIS on April 27 2019
As far as I remember, this is the photograph I have worked harder to shoot. Such a short window of time for the geometry formed with the sun light, shadows and silhouettes are hard to come by in a triangle form as seen in the photograph.
This photo has one of the weekly competitions of Street Photography International on Instagram.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro-2 XF10-24MMF4 R OIS on June 27, 2019
Puddles are one of the best props in Galata Bridge. Many people who are not photographers or enthusiasts, may not see the magic that could be created with them.
Catching the angle, setting up the tripod nicely, an artistic reflection can turn the most ordinary spot into an interesting one.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro-2 XF10-24MMF4 R OIS on May 5, 2019
Silhouettes and shadows are hard to shoot because you need a strong sun light, a certain angle of light hitting the spot, and you do not have a direct view to your subject.
Two guys, one no hair, one with very much hair, they all turned their heads to a certain direction as their friend called out to them, getting their attention.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro-2 XF10-24MMF4 R OIS on June 23, 2019
Exit The Sun
The combination of direct sun light, puddles and a walking figure can come together to form a blue atmosphere on Galata Bridge, with enough patience.
Reflections add value to the scene.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro-2 XF16-55MMF2.8 R LM WR on October 12, 2019
Tourist groups follow their guide in crowded Istanbul streets around Galata Bridge. The guide usually carries a flag in order to be seen easily.
The framing set to a certain angle, the shadow of the guide can form an entrance into the geometry.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro-2 XF10-24MMF4 R OIS on June 23, 2019
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