In.Squares is a collection of mixed-media digital art including photography, software generated abstractions and AI.

All photographs are taken by the artist himself and the software is coded by the artist to generate the abstractions.

Mixed media are combined and edited by Adobe Photoshop.

The Lake of Infinity

“All finite words are to disappear in the lake of infinity. Only the emotions remain.”

The Morning Wander

“Mornings belong to me. They come with this city itself. Everything falls in place in the mornings.”

The Longing

“I know you will not appear behind me. But, what if you do? What if you come of out nowhere?”

The Goddess

“She is the one who will bring our lost ones back. She faced Venus when no one else could. She is the one to hold on to.”

The Red Night

“All the stars align into the color of red piercing the darkness. Show patience and you will see the color white in the after.”

The Pink Island

“Only happy people can see the Pink Island. You get one shot to see it in a life time.”