In documentary photography, the photographer tries to give hints and proof of the location and the time as much as possible. On the other hand, some photographs are created to make us feel lost in time and space. Timeless scenes make you feel nostalgic. This is a collection of black and white photographs, post processed with Agfa Scala 200 analog film effect.
Fethiye is a very popular touristic area in the south side of Turkey. When you drive out fethiye towards Antalya - which is another popular touristic city - you have to go through the mountains and valleys. My parents moved from Istanbul to a small village near Fethiye, Gocek, some years ago and they have been living there a quite life after all the fuss and hard work in Istanbul.

One cold November morning, my father and I were driving from Fethiye to Antalya for his angiography. On the top of the mountains going through a valley, I noticed a single tree, in the middle of a field cover in fog. Seemed like an endless field and felt like a dream.

I am a person who remembers almost none of his dreams. Very very rare that I wake up and remember a dream I had and talk about it. I thought if I setup my tripod and went into the fog covered field, it would always be a dream I would remember. So I pulled over and took the shot.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro2 XF10-24mmF4 R OIS lens November 19, 2018 6000x4000 px Film Simulation: Agfa Scala 200
SEKA Paper Factory in Kocaeli, Turkey, was one of the biggest paper production factories, established in 1934, right after the Declaration of Republic of Turkey. It was closed in 2005 and the Municipality of Kocaeli turned the industrial areas to a museum and the whole territory to a park. It is one of the biggest parks near Istanbul and located in Kocaeli Bay Area.

The pier of the park in the photograph is mostly shot with long exposure or sunset. But when I was visiting the park with my son, there was a slight fog and it was very early in the morning. The opportunity was unique. With the park being almost deserted and the sea having no movement, I clicked the shutter.

From this angle, the pier seemed like an endless arc as if the Arc of St.Louis in Missouri, which I had the chance to see in 1993, was turned horizontal.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro2 XF16mmF1.4 R WR lens January 2, 2019 5822x3881 px Film Simulation: Agfa Scala 200
Meet Me
Ordu is a port city on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, historically also known as Cotyora or Kotyora, and the capital of Ordu Province with a population of 229,214 in the city center. The Sağra (chocolate brand) factory shop, selling many varieties of chocolate-covered hazelnuts, is one of the town's attractions. The Boztepe aerial tramway is another popular attraction which is set to become a modern symbol for the city. Local music is typical of the Black Sea region, including the kemençe. The cuisine is primarily based on local vegetables and includes both typical Turkish dishes — such as pide and kebab — and more interesting fare such as plain or caramel 'burnt ice-cream' (Wikipedia).

Having seen at least 50 cities out of 81 in Turkey, I personally find Ordu to be one of the most photographic ones. Early in the morning, I found this dock with a beautiful texture and beautiful clouds helped a lot with the scenery.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro2 XF10-24mmF4 R OIS lens July 30, 2018 5278x3506 px Film Simulation: Agfa Scala 200
Missed The Sea
Being a person born in July, I strongly believe that I have a strong bond with the sea. This massive amount water have a soul and have a personality. Some seas are calm, friendly and welcome you while others prefer to be untamed and wild.

I truly miss the sea. Even with living in a city surrounded by multiple seas, I sometimes realize that I do not create time to see it for months. Summer, swimming and warm sands are wonderful but you build better connection with the sea in winters. You get to be alone with it. Keep the distance but still feel close.

If you have the chance, just go to it. Stand on the shores. It will tell you a story.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro2 XF10-24mmF4 R OIS lens January 12, 2020 5707x3865 px Film Simulation: Agfa Scala 200
Akyaka in southern part of Turkey, is one of the kitesurf spots with its naturalness, greenery and plenty of wind. Overflowing especially in the summer months, is the perfect place to relax and find peace. It is a completely different place with its historical buildings, sea and sun, nature and unique scenery, fish restaurants and friendly people.

The beach of Akyaka in summer is always crowded and filled with joy, but when I was passing through in cold November, it was so serene and peaceful. There was a slight rain and the sea was so calm. It was the one and only time I saw the sea in tides. The sea occupied some part of the beach and there was a little sand island formed in the middle of the sea. It was so exciting.

I ran to my car, got the tripod, set it up, put on my water proof boots and walked to the sand island with a shutter remote. Standing in the middle of the sea made me feel like I was closer to the horizon.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro2 XF10-24mmF4 R OIS lens November 18, 2018 5984x3989 px Film Simulation: Agfa Scala 200
Sharing The Silence
When you are in a relationship, being able to communicate and laughing together is the most important thing, definitely. It's how you bond more with your partner and feel more and more comfortable as you get to know the other.

I believe that after a certain point in the relationship, bonded partners can share the silence. No words, no interaction but knowing that they are feeling that invisible energy of being together. That's another level.

Peacefulness and calmness fills the air mixed with love. This photograph reminds of the magic of sharing the silence.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro2 XF10-24mmF4 R OIS lens July 30, 2018 5711x3808 px Film Simulation: Agfa Scala 200
That Morning
Some mornings are special in our lives. Event though nothing extraordinary happens, we remember that particular morning and atmosphere we were in. The weather, the smell, the air touching our skin and the light resides on our minds forever.

Furthermore, the place and the environment might make it so more special. Photographers are lucky to have the camera with them or having their planned shoot on such a morning.

That morning, there was a cold but not freezing weather. Sea had its salty smell mixed with moss. I could feel air going down into my lungs down to the deepest cells. My fingers were cold, but I was burning inside.

Taken w/ Fuji XPro2 XF10-24mmF4 R OIS lens January 12, 2020 5892x3928 px Film Simulation: Agfa Scala 200
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